CAIR-WA welcomes largest class of summer interns in history

Monica and Francis joined as special projects interns in the communications team with Suzanne Gaber, who focuses on journalism, and Sam Shugart, who focuses on the Seattle Times article analysis project.  Shelby joined the office management department with volunteers Officer Manager Jaidaa Abou-Ali and Office Assistant Sana Moazzam. Tooba joined as a Volunteer Program Management Intern. 

While there were four interns that joined the June 19 training, many other interns started in May or early or late June, depending on their schools’ scheduling systems. See photos and bios of all of our interns at

The CAIR-WA team also consists of three civil rights case intake and writing interns, a civil rights education intern, two full-time staff members, and numerous out of office volunteers and professional volunteers who contribute their skills remotely in areas like web development, graphic design, among many more. To learn more about the volunteer program, visit

On June 19, the new interns spent the day becoming acquainted with the office and CAIR-WA history. CAIR-WA Executive Director Arsalan Bukhari took the interns through phone training, general office orientation and a history of CAIR-WA’s work.

The day was concluded with a pizza lunch and introduction of the new interns to the rest of the office staff.

“With two new groundbreaking projects to be released in September and another exciting MYLP in August, this summer will be the most exciting summer yet for CAIR-WA and the Muslim community,” said CAIR-WA Executive Director Arsalan Bukhari.