Community alert: Scam artists claiming to be federal government agents


Do not provide any personal or financial information, and do not confirm any information. Do not engage in a discussion with the caller.  Hang up the phone.

Contact CAIR-WA and make a complaint with our Civil Rights Department at 206.367.4081 or by e-mailing us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by filling out our contact form at

You may also file a police report with your local police department in person for telephone harassment/fraud.  Then please provide CAIR-WA with the police report number.  We are filing complaints with the local FBI office and are tracking these calls, with an aim to catch the persons/group, who are posing as agents and making these fraudulent calls to community members.


The caller identifies himself/herself as calling from the federal government (FBI, IRS, or other government agency), and threaten that a family member will be arrested on federal charges, or that their visa/passport will be revoked. The phone number may be a Washington DC area code (202), or even a local number. The caller may have an accent. 

They may also claim that your taxes were filled incorrectly and the IRS has issued an arrest warrant for you. They offer an immediate settlement option to avoid arrest. They say the IRS is willing to settle the fine, arrest and penalties for a specific amount. They will instruct you to go purchase a money order and send it to a PO Box. The callers know personal information and are very convincing.

Sample phone numbers:
(202) 800-9952
(202) 540-9331
(253) 220-0720

The caller may request confirmation of your personal information like a home address, family member name/location, and may request money, bank account number, credit card number, etc. They may leave a message requesting you to call them back, and name your family member names.


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