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Deliver Eid Greetings to Your Neighbors!

And we've made it easy for you and your friends to participate and this project your own!


Here's how:

  1. Pick up at least 2 Eid Greetings Cards (click here to download a pdf version) or find a high-quality version at your local mosque) for two of your neighbors and this page of instructions for yourself.
  2. Buy 4 candy bars from a local grocery store (Safeway, QFC, etc.).
  3. Attach each Eid Greetings Card to 2 candy bars (use ribbon, blue, tape, etc.) and sign the back of the card.
  4. (Optional) Take a picture of your Eid gift bundle (Candy bars + Eid Greetings card) and post it onto your personal social media pages (Facebook, Instagram & Twitter). Hashtag #Eid2013 on Twitter.
  5. Visit at least the house/apartment to your right and your left, greet them, wish them a "Happy Eid" and offer them the Eid gift bundle. Encourage your family, especially your kids, to come with you!

Why this project?

According to a 2009 ABC News/Washington Post poll:

"Unfamiliarity is a central factor in [Americans' negative perception of Islam and Muslims]. 55% of Americans concede that they lack a good basic understanding of Islam; about as many, 53 percent, don't personally know a Muslim. People who profess an understanding of Islam, or know a Muslim, have much more positive views of the religion."

By joining thousands of Muslims statewide in meeting and starting relationships with their next-door neighbors, YOU are helping change the views on Islam/Muslims held by THOUSANDS of fellow Americans!


  • Click here to download a pdf copy of the color Eid greeting card
  • Click here to download a pdf copy of the instructions for yourself
  • Click here to visit the facebook event page and have your friends join this movement!

Questions? E-mail us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

For more information about Islam and Muslims, please visit

More tips:

Click here for an illustrated guide on how to meet your new neighbors.

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