Our Victories

Public school employee allowed time for Hajj

In a swift and victorious case, an employee of a public school district in Washington State was allowed to take three weeks off for Hajj, after CAIR-WA intervened. The employee contacted CAIR-WA after verbally discussing vacation leave with his employer, who was not sympathetic or accommodating. After contacting CAIR-WA and completing the intake process with our civil rights staff, the employee was encouraged to submit a written request to his employer emphasizing the religious importance of Hajj

$15k awarded to discrimination victim

After years of ongoing harassment and discrimination in a local school district, a Muslim man found relief from years of suffering, after he finally saw his complaints fully addressed with the assistance of CAIR-WA and an attorney in CAIR-WA's pro bono network.

IT exec contacted by FBI, assisted by CAIR-WA attorney

A local Muslim IT executive called CAIR-WA to report that an FBI agent visited his home, spoke with his wife, gave her a business card and asked her to have her husband call when he returns. She and her husband called CAIR-WA knowing the importance of having an attorney present whenever an individual is speaking to an FBI agent, regardless of time, purpose, or innocence of the individual. CAIR-WA connected him with two highly experienced attorneys who cooperate with CAIR-WA and offer consultations free of charge to our clients who are contacted by FBI. After the interview, conducted at the attorney’s offices with the attorney present, the man then called CAIR-WA to tell us that prior to contacting us he had been worried about the FBI visit and unsure about how to proceed. He said that the attorney was incredibly helpful, knowledgeable and respectful. It had meant a lot to him to have our support and know that he was not the only one to have experienced this situation